Leah's Boutique Saturday, October 22, 2011

I created this blog in order to keep track of new crafting events and shows for the Oklahoma area. You can email me directly in order to update show information and have it added to the calendar - 
I am hopeful everyone will love this new tool!
I would have kept everything on facebook but it won't allow me to upload a calendar that I could update constantly so I believe they still need to tweak there "add doc" feature, since my upload would not work - 
Any who - I have created a NEW "craft show calendar" (it is to the rightt --->  and if everyone that has a show that they know about, please send me all the info and I will place it on the calendar, contact info, place, date, etc... I will update it when I receive new shows, etc - and will make it a pdf file for all to be able to see what shows they might be interested in participating. 
I fully intend on creating a section for downloadable applications if you guys would like that as well. Also, if you have any suggestions, how we could make this more user friendly or more informational - I am all ears - Hope you all enjoy!